CA-10 Thermal analyzer


CA-10 Thermal camera analyzer is a specially used for circuit board’s thermal field detection;In the era of rapid development of science and technology, intelligent devices are getting more and more popular, meantime, they are incline to require lower power consumption and heating, so during product’s design and development,thermal design of circuit board  is quite important, thermal analyzer at the design stage can provide heat thermal simulation experiment of a large amount of datas, it is a indispensable tool to the hardware design; By using thermal analyzer, it can quickly find the leakage and short circuit, further to locate the fault point, so it can meet the purpose of quick maintenance; In addition, it can test the effectiveness of some components, such as the power module and so on.


Product Details


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Widely application scenarios of PCBA troubleshooting

More useful features , more convenient operationand accurate defect positioning


More Applications

Homogeneity test of electronic cigarette material

Users can choose to collect rapid heating data and material uniformity data at multiple points


Heat conduction efficiency test of heat dissipation and heat conduction materials (eg graphene)

Users can select thete mperature change from the hot spot to the edge to judge the heat transfer rate of the material

Large area PCBA board welding process

In the process of high-heat welding or chip removal, users can choose to record data in long time and multiple areas to analyze the thermal influence range


Structure Introduction


Quickly Locate the Leakage Position of the Circuit Board

High temperature and bright maintenance special mode, combined with circuit board schematic diagram, can quickly locate the problem


3D/2D Thermal Field Distribution

For the special mode of product evaluation and thermal distribution analysis, the innovative 3D thermal field mode is more intuitive, and the 2D thermal field area’s curve record is more detailed.


Rotate 3D, one more spatial dimension analysis.


2D thermal field mode’s curve record, one more time dimension data.

Comparison Feature Records Two Regional Temperature Curves

Thermal distribution optimization.
Comparison and verification of failure differences.
Comparison of regional temperature curves.


Circuit Design Automatic Collection of Raw Temperature Data

For R&D and laboratory users who often sample a large number of continuous data, conduct trend analysis, reliability verification and performance differences, etc.


Full screen video recording, you can easily make your own teaching video


Multiple software modes correspond to different usage scenarios

Maintenance, evaluation, R&D, and so on…….


360 degree adjustment

Adjustable focal length

Different distances will lead to unclear imagesThe definition of the image is controlledby adjusting the focal length of the camera


1/4camera Screw Hole

It can be mounted on any standard 1/4 " interface tripod


Technical specification


Thermal camera parameters Thermal imaging resolution 260*200
Frames 25Hz
NETD 70mK@25C
FOV 34.4 in horizontal.25.8 in vertical
Lens 4mm Adjustable focus lens
Temperature range -10~120℃(-23~248℉)
Temperature measurement accuracy ±2℃ or ±2%
Interface Power DC 5V(USB Type-C)
Power on/off Press and hold the button for 1 second to turn on, 3 seconds to turn off
Connection method USB Type C Cable
Dimensions Size Standard : 220mm x 172mm x 241mm
Assemble additional accessories:346mm x 220mm x 341mm
Item Weight Standard : 1.1kg ( Options:+0.5kg )
Work Environment Temperature -10℃~55℃(-23℉~131℉)
Humidity <95%
Minimum software and hardware System Win10 (recommended) /Win7
CPU&RAM i3 & 4G
Update Manual or automatic update via internet

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