CA10 PCB Circuit board thermal analyzer

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CA-10 PCB thermal analyzer is a special equipment used for circuit board’s thermal field detection;In the era of rapid development of science and technology, intelligent devices are getting more and more popular, meantime, they are incline to require lower power consumption and heating, so during product’s design and development,thermal design of circuit board  is quite important, thermal analyzer at the design stage can provide heat thermal simulation experiment of a large amount of datas, it is a indispensable tool to the hardware design; By using thermal analyzer, it can quickly find the leakage and short circuit, further to locate the fault point, so it can meet the purpose of quick maintenance; In addition, it can test the effectiveness of some components, such as the power module and so on.

Product Details


Widely application scenarios of PCBA troubleshooting

Powerful features, more convenient operation and accurate defect positioning


Product structure

Easy install and operation


1.Support rod can be extended    2.Quick adjustment of camera distance     3.1/4 inch standard tripod hole    4.Adjust lens forward or backv      5.USB cable to PC    6.Delicate turn up and down    7.Tilt angle adjustable    8.Power button    9.Lens focus knob     10.Boards placed area

PCB Heat Dissipation

Optional experiment box

● Simulate the heating condition of the PCBA in a closed environment

● Verify dissipation effect of the heat dissipation materials

● Combined verification of temperature sensor & thermal imaging temperature measurement

● Evaluate the heat dissipation of product with IP54 or above

● New dissipation design to replace the traditional probe

● Large-aperture observation hole for check the heating status conveniently

● Passing hole is convenient for power cable connection

● The temperature sensor shows the box heating status

● Temperature trend record for review the temperature rising data of long- time work

● Support temperature data export by Excel format

● Over-limit temperature can be automatically photographed for further PCBA analysis

● Fully USB connection, convenient and fast

Picture 2(1)

Experiment box

● Adjustable size of wire hole suit for different lines

● 50mm thermal imaging observation window which can observe the whole PCBA

● Acrylic high transmittance shell to ensure airtightness and can check the placement of PCBA.

● USB cable with temperature sensor can plug in and acquire temperature data instantly

● The size of the experiment box is 110mm*90mm*60mm

Circuit board thermal design

Record the ambient temperature in the experiment box and the temperature curve of the circuit board


Quickly pinpoint the leakage position of the circuit board


3D/2D thermal field distribution function

Special mode for product evaluation and heat distribution analysis. Innovative 3D thermal field mode is more intuitive, and curve record of 2D thermal field area is more detailed


● Rotate 3D, one more spatial dimension analysis

● 2D thermal field mode’s curve record, one more time dimension data

Double plate comparison, regional temperature Curve comparison record

Comparison verification for optimization of heat distribution design and fault differentiation Regional temperature curve comparison record, overlay comparison,etc.

Place the PCB boards to be compared on both sides of the dividing line, and conduct comparative analysis under the same conditions.

Picture 2(4)

Full screen video recording:

You can easily make your own teaching videos

Picture 2(5)

Can record the temperature curve of the circuit board

Picture 3(3)

360 degree adjustment

Adjustable lens focus

During the test, different thickness of the board will lead the image to be unclear. The sharpness of the image can be controlled by adjusting the focal length


Adjust the focus of camera to get clear image

Picture 2(7)
Picture 3(4)

CA10 reserves 1/4 inch camera threaded holes, which can be installed on any standard camera bracket

Technical specification


Thermal camera parameters Thermal imaging resolution 260*200
Frames 25Hz
NETD 70mK@25C
FOV Horizontal angle 34.4, Vertical angle 25.8
Lens 4mm Adjustable focus lens
Temperature range -10~120℃(-23~112℉)
Temperature measurement accuracy ±3℃
Interface Power DC 5V(USB Type-C)
Power on/off Press and hold the button for 1 second to turn on, 3 seconds to turn off
Connection method USB Type C Cable
Dimensions Size Standard : 220mm x 172mm x 241mm
Assemble additional accessories:

346mm x 220mm x 341mm

Item Weight Standard:1.6kg
Additional bottom plate:0.5kg
Work Environment Temperature -10℃~55℃ or -23℉~13℉
Humidity <95%
Minimum software and hardware System Win10 (recommended) /Win7
Update Manual or automatic update via internet


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