Mobile Infrared Thermal Imager H2F/H1F


This product can be applied to mobile phones with USB Type-C interface. With the help of professional APP software, real-time infrared image display, temperature statistics display and other functions can be realized.

Product Details


        H2F/H1F mobile phone infrared thermal imager is a portable infrared thermal imaging analyzer with high precision and quick response, which adopts an industrial-grade infrared detector with small pixel spacing and high resolution ratio, and is equipped with a 3.2mm lens. The product is lightweight and portable, plug and play. With the customized professional thermal image analysis Android APP, it can be connected to a mobile phone to carry out infrared imaging of the target object, making it possible to perform multi-mode professional thermal image analysis anytime and anywhere. 


Night vision

Prevent peeping

Power line failure detection

Device defect detection

Printed circuit board troubleshooting

HVAC repair

Car repair

Pipeline leakage

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Product Features

It is lightweight and portable, and can be used with Android APP to perform professional thermal imaging analysis anytime and anywhere;

It has a wide temperature measurement range: -15℃ - 600℃;

It supports high temperature alarm and customized alarm threshold;

It supports high and low temperature tracking;

It supports points, lines and rectangular boxes for regional temperature measurement 

♦ specification

Infrared thermal imaging
Module H2F H1F
Resolution 256x192 160x120
Wavelength 8-14 μm
Frame rate 25Hz
NETD <50mK @25℃
FOV 56° x 42° 35°X27°
Lens 3.2mm  
Temperature measurement range -15℃~600℃
Temperature measurement accuracy ± 2 ° C or ± 2% of reading
Temperature measurement Highest, lowest, central point and area temperature measurement are supported
Color palette 6
General items
Language English
Working temperature -10°C - 75°C
Storage temperature -45°C - 85°C
IP rating IP54
Dimensions 34mm x 26.5mm x 15mm
Net weight 19g

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