• Thermal design and management

    Thermal design and management

    Overheating (temperature rise) has always been the enemy of stable and reliable product operation. When thermal management R&D personnel do product demonstration and design, they need to take care of the needs of different market entities and achieve the best balance between performance indic...
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  • Infrared sensor basics

    According to the classification, infrared sensors can be divided into thermal sensors and photon sensors. Thermal sensor The thermal detector uses the detection element to absorb infrared radiation to produce a temperature rise, and then accompanied by changes in certain physical properties. Meas...
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  • Why IR polymer Infrared Windows are far superior to Traditional Legacy IR crystal Infrared Windows?

    IRISS were the first company to realize the benefits of using IR transmissive polymers in Industrial Grade IR Windows and designed and built the first patented lens systems in 2007. The IRISS VP and CAP ranges of IR polymer windows have a tremendous advantage over the Legacy IR window products st...
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  • Electrical Troubleshooting

    To properly troubleshoot an electric circuit, you must know how each electrical component in the unit should function and be able to evaluate the performance of each component. Electrical records, prints, schematics, and manufacturers’ literature—combined with your knowledge and experience—will h...
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  • PCBs Testing

    PCBs Testing

    Functional Testing Capabilities Comprehensive testing applied throughout new product development saves customer’s money while reducing manufacturing downtime. At the earliest stages, in-circuit testing, automated optical inspection (AOI) and Agilent 5DX inspection provide vital feedback that faci...
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  • Thermal imaging with automotive testing

    Thermal imaging with automotive testing

    Thermal imaging can be used in any application where temperature measurements are required or someone simply needs to see thermal variations or profiles. thermal cameras can be used in a wide range of applications in the automotive testing industry from electronics design and vehicle thermal man...
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  • 65 Unique Uses of Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras

    65 Unique Uses of Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras

    Images from thermal camera are often used in news coverage for good reason: thermal vision is pretty damn impressive. The technology doesn’t quite allow you to ‘see through’ walls, but it’s about as close as you can get to x-ray vision. But once the novelty of the idea has...
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  • Thermal camouflage disguises hot and cold

    Thermal camouflage disguises hot and cold

    A new type of camouflage makes a human hand invisible to a thermal camera. Credit: American Chemical Society Hunters don camouflage clothing to blend in with their surroundings. But thermal camouflage—or the appearance of being the same temperature as one's environment—...
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  • Methods and techniques of using infrared thermal imaging cameras.

    1) Adjust the focal length . 2) Choose the correct temperature measurement range . 3) Know the maximum measurement distance . 4) Is it only required to generate a clear infrared thermal image, or does it require accurate temperature measurement at the same time? . 5) Single working background . 6...
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  • Infrared thermal imaging has a broad market.

       At present, infrared thermal imaging technology has been widely used, mainly divided into two categories: military and civilian, with a military/civilian ratio of roughly 7:3.         In recent years, the application of infrared thermal imaging cameras in my country’s military field main...
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  • Why infrared thermal imaging equipment is so popular in the thermal industry?

    Why infrared thermal imaging equipment is so popular in the thermal industry?

    More and more infrared products are used in the thermal industry, steam pipes, hot air ducts, dust collector flues, coal silos in thermal power plants, boiler thermal insulation parts, coal conveyor belts, valves, transformers, booster stations, motor control centers, electrical The control is ac...
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  • Application advantages of infrared thermal imaging technology in the field of machine vision.

    High accuracy In the inspection industry, machine vision has obvious advantages over human vision, because machine vision can observe micron-level targets at the same time, and is empowered by infrared thermal imaging technology, which can distinguish small targets and better investigate latent t...
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