We As Manufacturer Looking For OEM/ODM Partners Worldwide

Are you interested in infrared thermal imaging field but lack of appropriate products? just come to us !

Dianyang technology is one of the most respected and seasoned manufacturers of high performance thermal camera solution in China.

We now providing OEM/ODM services to partners in terms of thermal camera, thermal scope, thermal monocular, thermal binocular and night vision,etc.

Our partners are provided exclusive access to many premium benefits, including:

●Complete Product and Sales Training

●On-Demand Technical and Sales Support via Phone/Email

●Professionally Produced Sales & Marketing Materials

Join us today to get attractive discounts on the finest products in the industry, as well as the best technical/marketing/sales support available anywhere - all while purchasing product directly from the manufacturer Dianyang.


Our products have been used for years in the most demanding environments for extensive applications:

Research & Development

Thermal camera enable engineers to study characteristics that are imperative to creating new products. Spotting abnormality in different thermal factors help increase accuracy and efficiency amongst researchers.

Industry and maintenance

Dianyang thermal imager are powerful to monitor any mechanical and electrical equipment. This includes electricity grid, weld monitoring, glassware manufacturing, plastic injector molding, electronics repairing, and more. Accurately track process temperatures with infrared cameras.

Energy efficiency

Infrared thermography technology in the energy industry helps professionals see invisible energy and gas. With numerous applications, thermal camera help operational efficiency and prevent future damage. 

Wildlife and scouting

The ability to “see” in the dark is the most beneficial aspect of infrared thermal cameras for hunters and animal conservationists alike. Whether scouting for wild game or evaluating the populace of game in your fields, the likelihood of thermal camera in wildlife are huge.

Search & Rescue

Infrared thermal camera is essential in search and rescue for quick informed decisions. Assess hazardous situations from a safe distance, before entering. This technology gives you the ability to track movement on your property during all hours of the day and night.










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