What’s The Main Manufacturers And Brands Of Thermal Camera ?

Infrared thermal imaging has a wide range of applications, except the well-known military applications, civilian applications including electricity, firefighting, automobiles, search and rescue, healthcare, equipment maintenance, materials research, LED, solar energy, house insulation, etc., more and more fields involving infrared thermal camera. The following are part of major thermal imaging camera manufacturers and brands in current market:


Founded in 1978, FLIR's systems and components have been widely used in a variety of thermal imaging, situational awareness and security fields. The FLIR thermal camera is small in size and easy to carry. It can sense the surface temperature of objects and display the temperature on the screen. It can take pictures and store them, etc.
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Founded in the United States in 1948, under the Fortive Group, an excellent supplier of comprehensive measurement solutions, a multinational company focusing on the production and sales of electronic test tools.
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Founded in 1999, it has a complete independent technology of infrared from the bottom to the system, and is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of infrared core devices, infrared thermal imaging cameras, and large-scale photoelectric systems.

One of the well-known companies in the global portable measuring instrument industry. Testo SE & Co. KGaA is one of the main players in the field of portable and online measurement technology in the world, headquartered in the Black Forest region of Germany. 34 subsidiaries worldwide

Located in Shenzhen city and awarded with Chinese national high-tech company honor, Dianyang has become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of thermal camera,

Currently they've supplied to more than 60 countries, including Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia, America and middle east countries, etc. Most of their products are CE and RoHS approved.


Post time: May-16-2023