What's The Frequent Questions Of Thermal Camera?

How far do thermal camera work?

Generally speaking, it depends on the object’s size and how clear you wish to see, also its related to the camera’s sensor resolution, the higher the better image effect.
Which phones outfit thermal camera?

Currently, most of brands mobile phone include iPhone not equipped with thermal camera, but you would choose to buy an extra USB type thermal camera.
Does thermal camera need light?

No need, thermal camera can work without any lights.
Does thermal camera record?

Yes, many thermal camera has video record and photo functions.
What is the difference between normal camera and thermal camera?

Normal camera take photo or video by means of light, but thermal camera depends on the infrared radiation which emitted by the object exceed absolute zero degree
Can thermal camera see through walls?

The answer is no, thermal camera can be used to measure temperature and show thermal image of object’s surface.
Why thermal camera so expensive?

The price vary in different brands, as an option, you might look to Dianyang, they have cost effective price, but also ensure you with CE and RoHS approved excellent performance. 




Post time: May-30-2023