• Integrated IR Core M10-256

    Integrated IR Core M10-256

    M10-256 integrated infrared thermal imaging core is a high-performance infrared thermal imaging product developed on the basis of a wafer-grade encapsulated uncooled vanadium oxide infrared detector. USB interface output is adopted for the product, for which it boasts multiple control interfaces and is adaptable to various intelligent processing platforms. With its high performance, low power consumption, small size, and a feature of easy development and integration, the product is suitable for secondary development needs of various infrared temperature measuring products.

  • Thermal imaging cores  M10-256 Split-type

    Thermal imaging cores M10-256 Split-type

    ◎ Small size, with the front lens of only (13 * 13 * 8) mm and the interface board of (23.5 * 15.3) mm

    ◎ Low power consumption up to 640mW;  

    ◎ 256 * 192 resolution provides high-definition thermal image;

    ◎ Equipped with USB interface board, it can be developed into different products;

    ◎ Split-type design is adopted for the lens and interface board, which are connected by FPC flat cable; 

  • Uncooled Thermal Imaging Module M-256

    Uncooled Thermal Imaging Module M-256

    Thermal imaging module is based on ceramic packaging uncooled vanadium oxide infrared detector to develop a high performance infrared thermal imaging products, the products adopt parallel digital output interface, interface is rich, adaptive access a variety of intelligent processing platform, with high performance and low power consumption, small volume, easy to the characteristics of the development integration, can meet the application of various kinds of infrared measuring temperature of secondary development demand.