IRISS were the first company to realize the benefits of using IR transmissive polymers in Industrial Grade IR Windows and designed and built the first patented lens systems in 2007.

The IRISS VP and CAP ranges of IR polymer windows have a tremendous advantage over the Legacy IR window products still using IR crystal lens materials.

Regardless of who offers the crystal window, the IRISS VP and CAP series IR windows are superior because of the following:

1. IRISS Polymer IR Windows are Industrial Grade Impact and Load Resistant systems, Crystal IR windows are NOT.

2. IRISS Polymer IR windows have been Arc Tested to IEEE and IEC standards.

3. IRISS Polymer IR Windows work with All ranges of IR, Visual and Infrared Cameras

4. Polymer IR windows have a fixed and stable transmission rate and are unaffected by the mechanical stresses and humid environments that damage crystal IR windows

5. Unparalleled Field of View, IRISS VP series Round IR Windows have a larger viewing area by 20 to 25% than competitors round IR Windows and our CAP Series windows offer up to 12 times more viewing area that of traditional 4 inch round infrared windows

6. The IRISS unique IR Polymer lens systems can be customized to the individual customer requirements or electrical enclosure designs. The FlexIR program allows for clients to build and design IR window systems that they never thought possible, something that crystals cannot do due to cost and fragility….

7. IRISS Polymer IR windows are the most tested and certified products in the industry with UL, cUL, CSA, IEEE, NEMA. DNV, ABS, Lloyds of London and more….

8. Polymers are far less expensive than equivalent crystal IR windows of the same size.

9. IRISS CAP series and FlexIR custom products are fitted with the E Sentry Asset Management Tag as standard. This NFC tag allows the user to store all relevant data relating to the equipment and the IR window directly at the window thus allowing the user to know the condition of the equipment at its last inspection as well as all critical data relating to allowable temperatures, condition of equipment, etc.…

10. All IRISS IR polymer based products have IRISS’s Unconditional lifetime warranty, not limited to the crystal manufacturer’s warranty limitations to “manufacturing defects only” This leaves out the fact that IR crystal lens failures are a “material failure” and as such excluded from their warranty cover….

If these 10 things do not turn your client away from crystal to the polymer, then you need to suspect that you are missing out on a buying influence or faced with a situation that you cannot overcome

Post time: Aug-02-2021