Shenzhen Dianyang Technology Co.,Ltd engaged in ELEXCON Tradeshow

From 6th to 8th of November 2022, the 6th ELEXCON Expo (Shenzhen International Electronics Exhibition) was held in Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center. The Expo focuses on four core sectors including "5G new technologies and applications, automotive-grade new products and components, embedded AIoT, SiP and advanced packaging", bringing together 400+ renowned manufacturers cross world to witness new products, new models and new technology in the electronics industry.

Shenzhen Dianyang Technology Co., Ltd fully exhibited the company's brand DytSpectrumOwl's CA Pro series thermal camera analyzers and demonstrated to customers on spot the use of infrared thermal imaging principles to detect and measure the data of object s surface temperature changes with time, and the measurement results can be analyzed indefinitely and provide comprehensive reliability analysis.

Shenzhen Dianyang  Technology Co,Ltd eng aged in ELEXCON Tradeshow
Shenzhen Dianyang Technology Co,Ltd eng aged in ELEXCON Tradeshow

Since its inception, Shenzhen Dianyang Technology always keep committed to the R&D and innovation of the core technology of infrared thermal imaging products. The products have a wide range of applications, such as following:


Automobile industry: thermal camera can help automotive engineers improve the design of airbag systems, verify the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, quantify the effect of thermal shock on tire wear, inspect the performance of joints and welds.


Electricity industry: at present, the electricity industry is the one with most applications of thermal imaging cameras. As a mature and effective means of online power detection, thermal imaging cameras can greatly improve the reliability of power supply equipment.


Manufacturing industry: as electronic components get smaller and smaller, it becomes extremely difficult to accurately understand their thermal status. But with thermal camera, engineers can easily visualize and quantify thermal imaging of devices. When combined with infrared thermal imaging technology, the microscope becomes a thermal imaging microscope that can accurately measure the temperature of objects as small as 3um. Engineers can use thermal camera to map the heat of components and semiconductor substrates performance.

Post time: Nov-14-2022