At present, infrared thermal imaging technology has been widely used, mainly divided into two categories: military and civilian, with a military/civilian ratio of roughly 7:3.

        In recent years, the application of infrared thermal imaging cameras in my country’s military field mainly includes the infrared equipment market including individual soldiers, tanks and armored vehicles, ships, military aircraft and infrared guided weapons. It can be said that the domestic military infrared thermal imaging camera market is developing rapidly and belongs to the sunrise industry with huge market capacity and huge market space in the future.

        Most industrial manufacturing processes or equipment have their unique temperature field distribution, which reflects their operating status. In addition to converting the temperature field into an intuitive image, combined with intelligent algorithms and big data analysis, infrared thermal imaging cameras can also provide new solutions for the Industry 4.0 era, which can be applied to electric power, metallurgy, railways, petrochemicals, electronics, medical, Fire protection, new energy and other industries


Power detection

        At present, the electric power industry is the industry with the most applications of thermal imaging cameras for civilian use in my country. As the most mature and effective means of online power detection, thermal imaging cameras can greatly improve the operational reliability of power supply equipment.


Airport security

        An airport is a typical place. It is easy to monitor and track targets with a visible light camera during the day, but at night, there are certain limitations with a visible light camera. The airport environment is complex, and the visible light imaging effect is greatly disturbed at night. Poor image quality may cause some of the alarm time to be ignored, and the use of infrared thermal imaging cameras can easily solve this problem.


Industrial emissions monitoring

        Infrared thermal imaging technology can be used for almost all industrial manufacturing process control, especially the monitoring and temperature control of the production process under the smoke link. With the help of this technology, the quality of the product and the production process can be effectively guaranteed.


Forest fire prevention

        The direct property losses caused by fires every year are huge, so it is very urgent to monitor some important places, such as forests and gardens. According to the overall structure and characteristics of different scenes, thermal imaging monitoring points are set up at these key locations that are prone to fires to monitor and record the real-time situation of the main places all-weather and all-round, so as to facilitate the timely detection and effective control of fires.

Post time: Apr-25-2021